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First Year BA (Semester I & II)


Passed HSC (Arts, Science or Commerce) or Equivalent Examination.

Compulsory Subjects: Marathi, Foundation Course I, Communication Skills in English

Optional Subjects:

Group A: English I, Hindi I, Geography I.

Group B: Marathi I, History I, Economics I.

Second Year BA (Semester III & IV)


Passed FYBA, or ATKT for FYBA.

Compulsory Subjects: Foundation Course II, Business Communication

Optional Subjects:     

Group A: English II & III, Hindi II & III, Geography II & III.

Group B: Marathi II & III, History II & III, Economics II & III.

Third Year BA (Semester V & VI)


Passed FYBA, SYBA or ATKT for SYBA.

Group A: BA in English (six units) OR BA in Hindi and Geography (three units each)

Group B: BA in Marathi (six units) OR BA in History and Economics (three units each)

First Year BCom (Semester I & II)


Passed HSC (Commerce or Science) or Equivalent Examination.

Subjects: Foundation Course I, Business Communication, Mathematics & Statistical Techniques I, Environmental Studies I, Business Economics I, Accounting & Financial Management I, Commerce I.

Second Year BCom (Semester III & IV)


Passed FYBCom, or ATKT for FYBCom.

Subjects: Applied Component (any one): Advertising, Cooperation, Travel & Tourism.

Subjects: Foundation Course II, Business Law I, Financial Accounting & Auditing I, Business Economics II, Accounting & Financial Management II, Commerce II, .


Third Year BCom (Semester V & VI)


Passed FYBCom, SYBCom or ATKT for SYBCom.

Compulsory Subjects: MHRM, Business Economics III.

Applied Components (any two): Marketing Research, Labour Welfare, Export Marketing, Trade Union & Industrial Relation, Direct & Indirect Taxation, International Marketing, Management of Small Scale Industry.

Special Subjects (any one): BCom in Financial Accounting & Auditing (three units each), BCom in Business Management (three units each), BCom in Commerce (three units each)