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Geography Department

Geography Department

Sindhudurg District is the Konkan area of Maharashtra having stretch of land on the west coast of India, endowed with the beautiful seashore, picturesque mountains and scenic natural beauty. Phondaghat village having various dominant significances, like as Linear shaped village situated at the foot hill zone of Sayhadri Mountain, Silica sand mining area, weekly pan market, fruit likes Alphanso, cashew-nut and rich bio-diversity of flora and fauna. Thus the college running Geography department for to know surroundings environment to the students.


To get update knowledge of the Earth which is external forces affecting on the Earth. Horticultural crops and agricultural land is mother of rural life.


To awareness about physical and social environment of Phondaghat panchcroshi and the district.

Goals and Objectives:

To develop modern attitude , use of GIS, Computer in the subject. Motivate and conserve for various development.

Special efforts to the students: On the occasion of Geography Day the department has organized every year special wall paper on current issue as well as physical environment of phondaghat region. Thematic maps OHP, Slide Projector and Computer these teaching aids are used for teaching methodology for the depth of study.

Educational Visits:

For getting valuable information, observation and practical demonstration the department has organized every year field visit at divisional metrological department of sindhudurg district, mining centers and hydroelectricity center. For the TYBA class to observing practical knowledge under the syllabus ,department has conducted study tours at various geographical locations, i.e. hilly station, religious centers and natural places etc.

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