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History Department

History Department

It is surrounded by the ranges of Sahyandri Mountain. Malvan, Vijaydurg and Devgarh these are Historical Forts. Through the department of History Regional and the Cultural heritage of the region will be protected.

        Introspection of History with positive attitude.


To create ideal path way for deter future by understanding History.

Goals and Objective 

  • To create a sense of National interpretative and Nationalism.
  • To develop interpretative skills through survey and excursion.
  • To create consciousness among the student about curricular, Co-curricular and extracurricular activities through assignment.
  • To create curiosity and interest in the student about Historical fact and figures, culture, heritage and good tradition.
  • To arouse awareness about Local History.

Course Available Program    


U.G. F.Y.B.A.

 U.G.   S.Y.B.A.

U.G.   T.Y.B.A.

Department Activities

  • The department organizes guest lecturers for F.Y.B.A., S.Y.B.A. and T.Y.B.A. Student.
  • Historical Wall-paper and Article Published.
  • Sahyandri History Quiz Program.

Special efforts for the Student       

   On the occasion of “Sahyadri History Question Quiz” the department has organized wall- Paper on current issue as well as regional History of Phondaghat region LCD Projector,  O.H.P. and T.V. these teaching aids used for the Teaching Methodology for the department of History.

Department future plan 

  • Project on Historical importance of Phondaghat.
  • Organization of State Level History Conference, Seminar 
  • Collection of the Historical Coins & Copper plates & Historical Sources.

Organization of Study tours

   The Department has been Organizing Study tours at different Historical places & Museum.