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Institutional Distinctiveness

Students from rural area and financially back word families take admission in the college. When such students take admission in the college, they are in the need of some local jobs. So part time jobs in local marker are provided to the students. Students work as salesman, accountant, shop keeper.

Majority of student cannot purchase reading materials from the market, so college library provides maximum books and set of text books to the students. Gold card scheme is provided through library in the college for special achievement students. Further Ideal Reader Scheme is also implemented to persuade students to read more reading materials.

College provides T.A., D.A., and special kits to students taking part sport and cultural activities. The following scholarships are made available for the needy students. Government Scholarship for S.C/ S.T/N.T./OBC students, Student Aid Funds from the college, Ex-student Association Scholarship, Principal Association Scholarship, HPCL Scholarship.

The college has achieved 2f, 12b approval from UGC. The annual publication of college ‘VIVEKSHINDHU’ has secured third position under Mumbai University colleges competitions.