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Savitribai Phule Women Development Cell (SPWDC)

SPWDC is formed as per the guidelines of WDC of University of Mumbai and Vishakha Guidelines since 2003.  The information of SPWDC displayed on notice board. SPWDC also included grievances cell. Students are guided with necessary informed of various day to day life topic like Health, Education etc. SPWDC also arrange essay compaction to develop communication skills. SPWDC also discuses personal problems faced by girls in college. All the regarding balance between sex and gender.


  1. To develop confidence among the college students.
  2. To arrange various expert lectures in the college.
  3. To provide various skills training for the girls.

Members of SPWDC

Sr. No. Name Designation Mobile email
01 Dr. Vasant S. Shekade Chairman 9420178352
02 Dr. Satish N. kamat Member 9422137252
03 Prof. Santosh M. Akhade Member 8888741367
04 Prof. Jagdish P. Rane Member 9421267524
05 Prof. Mayuri M. Sawant Member 9049580967
06 Shri. Anant N. Gurav Member 9423053345
07 Smt. Sayli S. Rane Member 9604114658
08 Miss. Pratiksha K. Lad Member 7083024605
09 Miss. Trupti M. Parkar Member 7741905936
10 Shri. Sanket R. Rane Member 9665505105
11 Dr. Vidhya S. Modi Secretary 9423053392